In some ways, Anarchy was a musical harbinger, far ahead of its time and its place. In other ways, the band remained as they started, musical rebels and outcasts: In spite of their best efforts to be accessible and commercial, they couldn't, at least enough to be sustainably successful, and in the end, they were even too alternative to be alternative. So, perhaps, in retrospect, it's appropriate that the band's rebellious moniker was never changed. As Alexander Pope stated in his Essay on Man:

Aspiring to be angels, men rebel

Some southern Indiana residents have asked about the possibility of an Anarchy reunion, perhaps for a one-off show in their hometown. While such a reunion would present serious logistical challenges, the band has risen from the ashes before, so anything is possible.

In the meantime, in lieu of a reunion, former band members are interested in collecting Anarchy ephemera with the goal of making it freely available online, like this retrospective. If you possess bootleg audio recordings/videos, set lists, photos, and so forth and would be willing to share them, please let the authors know at: anarchy AT fastmail DOT com. Or if you just have memories you would like to share, please feel free to write also.

— Michael Baker and Michael Potts, April 2016

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