Anarchy: A Retrospective (1986 – 1993)

Such, such were the joys,
When we all, girls & boys,
In our youth time were seen,
On the beautiful Echoing Green.

— William Blake, "The Echoing Green"


Anarchy was a young musical group based in Washington, Indiana, who touched, directly or indirectly, the lives of many people in southern Indiana and beyond during their six-year career. Anarchy's story is quite convoluted and tumultuous, especially given the band's somewhat short existence. Consequently, this brief retrospective is not intended to be a tour d'horizon, but a concise account of the group's evolution and legacy. As a result, every personnel change, internal and external conflict, and accomplishment and failure are not documented, as recording all of these matters would require a much longer work. Nevertheless, the authors hope this retrospective, in spite of its brevity, will bring back some happy memories as well as provide some new and interesting insights to those who remember the band.

About the audio files: Numerous audio file are provided below to give readers a sense of how the band's sound evolved over time. Many of these audio files are MIDI recreations, rather than actual performances by the band. Numerous recordings and bootlegs were made of the band during its existence. However, most of these recordings are either lost to the dustbin of history, have deteriorated beyond usability, or have not yet been converted to a digital format. The MIDI recreations are designed to serve as "stands in" until suitable authentic recordings are identified and converted to digital. Unfortunately, a MIDI recreation, no matter how well done, will never sound exactly like the band. In general, the band's actual performances were more "raw" sounding, and many parts of the songs were improvised and did not have a set form, contrary to what the MIDI files might suggest. If readers have audio recordings, videos, or other ephemera (set lists, photos, etc.) that might help fill out the collection and would be willing to share them, the website maintainers would be very grateful. Please contact the archive at anarchy AT fastmail DOT com.

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